Arpico Ataraxia Asset Management Pvt Ltd

Arpico Ataraxia Asset Management Pvt Ltd is a licensed Mutual Fund and Asset Manager in Sri Lanka. Arpico Ataraxia prides itself on being a group company of Richard Pieris and company PLC and a part of its financial services business.

Richard Pieris & Company PLC

Richard Pieris & Company PLC is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and most respected blue chip companies with a history dating back over 81 years and is a diversified conglomerate. For more information on the group visit:

Regulatory Body
(Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka)

This is the regulator by which the Unit Trust funds & Fund Manager are being regulated and monitored under the Unit Trust Code,2011.

Trustee and Custodian
(Hatton National Bank PLC)

The ownership of the assets of the Unit Trust Fund on behalf of the investors lies with the Trustee/Custodian.



Professionals who have committed to make your investment better.

Sharad Sridharan


Asanth Sebastian

Head of Structured Products

Rajitha Wijesinghe

Portfolio Manager